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Specializing in computer repair, website maintenance, website design, virus removal, malware removal, computer tune-ups and many other computer related services:

JK PC Services is your local computer repair and service for home or business located in Howell, MI. (248-914-8857)

JK PC Services offers computer repairs, computer tune up's, and many other computer and website related services for Howell, Brighton, Hartland, Fowlerville, Hamburg, Pinckney, Whitmore Lake, Oak Grove, South Lyon, Fenton, Holly, and all of Livingston County and the surrounding Livingston County areas.

You may drop off your computer or laptop with JK PC Services or arrange for a pickup.

On-site and Remote Repair services are also available.

Please call, email or fill out our service request form.

At a glance

PC Tune Up'sPC Tune Up's
Virus RemovalVirus Removal
Spyware RemovalSpyware Removal
Malware RemovalMalware Removal
Software InstallationSoftware Installation
Website UpdatesWebsite Updates
Website MaintenanceWebsite Maintenance
Website DesignWebsite Design
Disaster RecoveryDisaster Recovery
Computer DiagnosticsComputer Diagnostics
Computer TrainingComputer Training
Software TrainingSoftware Training
Memory UpgradesMemory Upgrades
Memory UpgradesLCD Screen Replacement
PC OptimizationPC Optimization
Blue Screen of DeathBlue Screen of Death
Xbox Red Ring of Death
Routine MaintenanceRoutine Maintenance

Computer Repair


JK PC Services offers computer repairs, computer tune up's, and many other computer and website related services for Howell, Brighton, Hartland, Fowlerville, Hamburg, Pinckney, Whitmore Lake, Oak Grove, South Lyon, Fenton, and all of Livingston County and the surrounding Livingston County areas

Computer services that are cost effective and affordable.
Below you will find many of the services that we offer. For most of our services, the cost is a one time flat rate. We can travel to you or you may drop off your computer with us. (The cost is slightly more if you request onsite or if we pickup and drop off your computer).

Ask about our Remote Repair service. JK PC Services uses the latest technology to repair your computer over the internet. Our state of the art software allows us to connect to your computer remotely over a high speed internet. Using this technology enables us to fix many problems, just as if we were actually sitting at the computer in your home or business.

Special Combo

--- for a limited time receive BOTH services ---
PC Tune Up
(purchased separately $40.00)
Virus & Spyware Removal
(purchased separately $50.00)

--- a $90.00 value for ONLY $55.00 ---

Services include:

PC Tune Up's: $40.00Tune up
Temporary file removal, Registry clean up, Startup file clean up, Remove unused software, Defragment your computer, Check for Windows updates, Clean the dust & debris from inside the case, Perform a system diagnostics, Scan and Review Spyware and Virus definitions, Suggest hardware/software recommendations to increase performance, Review software that may slow down your computer. We will also install for no charge, a working Anti-Virus program if you don't already have one installed.

Virus & Spyware Removal: $50.00No Virus
Virus/Spyware/Adware/Malware Removal. We will repair your operating system including the cause of the crashes, lockups, or extreme PC slowness. We will eliminate the virus from your infected computer and restore the computer to it's operational state prior to the infestation. After eliminating the virus/spyware/adware/or malware, a complete virus scan will be performed to be sure your computer is no longer infected.

Software Repairs: $45.00
Software conflicts and file system repairs that don't require a complete reload of the operating system. For example; Failure to logon to your computer, System crashes after loading new software, Failure to run a software program that was previously working.

Software Reloads and Installation / Complete Reload of Validated Operating System: $85.00 Software Installation
Reload all necessary drivers and plug-ins such as Adobe Reader and Flash Player, along with all necessary Windows Updates. Including up to 3 Gig of customer data. Data is placed on the computer's desktop allowing the customer to re-integrate the data. An additional charge of $20.00 to import all Outlook or Outlook Express emails into the appropriate accounts and identities.

Computer Disaster Recovery: $75.00
Recover as much data as possible from your computer if it crashes and the computer is unable to start up. The data will be copied to CD's for you. Up to 4 Gig of data included. Each additional CD of data is $15.00.

Hardware Upgrades & Replacements: $40.00Hardware Installation
Install or replace hardware, including; Memory, Hard drive, CPU Fan, CD drive, DVD drive, Zip drive, Power Supply Unit, etc. The hardware can be supplied by the customer or we can order the hardware for you.
The replacement of laptop LCD screens is slightly higher. For most laptop LCD / computer screens the cost is $50.00 plus the cost of the LCD screen.
Most HP laptop replacements of the LCD computer screen will cost $55.00 plus the cost of the LCD screen due to the fact that these LCD screens are slightly more complicated to replace.

Computer and Software Training & Tutoring: trainingIndividual rate is $25.00 / Hour
Cost varies for groups, depending upon the amount of people. Contact us for a group rate. Individual or group training or tutoring ranging from basic computer navigating and organization through more advanced training on particular topics such as networking, Microsoft office products (Excel, Word, Power Point, Outlook), and more in depth operating system functions.

Networking: $25.00 / Hournetworking
Setting up wireless or wired networks. configuring network security, enabling WEP/WPA encryption, internet connectivity, and general through advanced home or business network setup. (Equipment not included in price)

Website Design, Website Maintenance, Website Updating, Website Hosting: world wide web
Cost varies depending upon the type of work. Contact us for a quote

Design, update, or setup and host your website for you. We can help you get started with your own domain name and take care of keeping your website updated at regular intervals (monthly, bi-monthly, weekly) at your choosing. (please contact us for a quote, this service varies depending upon the work required)

Xbox 360: Xbox 360"Red Ring of Death" $55.00
Xbox 360 Red Ring of Death (RROD) is a serious problem. Many thousands of Xbox 360 owners currently have this problem and many more Xbox Power Buttonwill encounter it. You can send it to Microsoft and they will repair it for about 3 times our cost, or you may drop it off to us and we will take care of it for you.


NOTE: If you don't see a service listed, please contact us and we can discuss your needs and give you a recommendation.

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